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OK, but it’s a beginning…

My friend Cynthia Blue (as she is wont to call herself) finally persuaded me to start a blog in which the stories of Sheltie Rescue can be told. Of course, no good deed goes unpunished — I will get her for this!

This first version of this blog (ummmm, about version 0.1) feels pathetically amateurish, especially when compared to Cynthia’s various blogs. But ya gotta start somewhere, right? And there’s lots more that I can – and will – do to make this blog “prettier” and perhaps even more useful. (Oh! would that I had the flair…and the courage…to use color the way…ah, never mind.)

On this day..

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3 comments to OK, but it’s a beginning…

  • WebMaster

    Of course, I keep finding more things that want doing. I’ll spend a bit more time find tuning the screens for appearance (“look and feel”), and then turn my efforts towards adding some graphics. Comments are always welcome!

  • Building a blog site is harder than it looks. But I think I’m making some progress. It keeps looking nicer (incrementally), but there’s still some fine points to be cleaned up (what’s with that second “link” icon under “Spam Blocked”?). And there a few plugins not yet installed, others not fully tested, and the like. Over the next few weeks…

  • cindy colbert

    I absolutely love this!!!

    I wish I was in Utah to help with all your sheltie endeavors but you know my heart is there! I will bookmark this blog and come back often.


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