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What’s It All About?

So, it occurred to me tonight that it might be a Good Idea if I said what I hope this blog will accomplish. Obvious? To you, maybe! Some of us are slower out of the gate than others.

In this space, we plan to talk about Sheltie Rescue and all the things that go with it. What are those things? Well, I’m sure that the list is a lot longer than I’ll manage to jot down, but that’s the beauty of a forum like this – it can grow as new things pop up. Here are some of those things:

  • How our current pack is doing; who they are, how they came be here, what we know about them.
  • The day-to-day of rescue; challenges of a large household, inter-personal conflicts, feeding time, giving medication.
  • The larger burdens; dealing with turn-ins, dealing with unprepared hopeful adopters, dealing with the shelters.
  • The great sadnesses; when a rescue dies, when a rescue is returned, when (heaven forfend!) somebody gets hurt.
  • The great joys; the perfect placements, living with seniors, coaxing new personalities out into the open.
  • The frustrations; carpets that are never clean, the *&%^$# Sheltie voice, where did that <whatever> get put.
  • The costs; money don’t grow on trees ya know, fundraising, other sources of revenue.

In short (well, that’s not exactly short!), we’ll be talking about just about everything dealing with Sheltie Rescue (especially Sheltie Rescue of Utah), but also other canine rescue and general animal rescue situations.

Hope you enjoy it!

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1 comment to What’s It All About?

  • BluvsJ

    Hi, I’ve never blogged before and so far this is more work than I expected. I guess it’s just a matter of ironing the bugs out. I’m hoping that this blog will cover all things Sheltie that anyone wants to talk about. I’d like to post a photo but so far, anyway, it looks like I have to have an original post to insert a photo…maybe?

    Jim is sitting at his desk mourning Alex, the African Grey parrot who recently died of unknown causes. He’s also really into figuring out this blog stuff…which is great…and a happier task, if also mind-numbing.

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