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Welcome to SheltieTales

SheltieTales is a blog about…well, Shelties, of course. On occasion, we will no doubt blog on other topics, based on what’s going on around us and occupying our thoughts.

The Sheltie community and the rescue community are made of really, really nice people. Sure, there are going to be people with whom you have bad chemistry, but I promise you that anybody who gives of their hearts and souls like these two communities’ members do is a Very Good Person. So be nice. No name calling, no flame wars, and as little sarcasm as possible. (Remember that book that was popular a few years ago: “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten“?)

We sincerely hope that some of what we write is interesting to some of you and that you’ll care enough to comment on or rate entries that catch your eye. Even moreso, we hope that you’ll participate by writing your own blog entries on subjects that seem (to you, of course) relevant to the subject(s) at hand.

Welcome…and enjoy!

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