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This afternoon, we had a very nice woman come over to meet our blind-and-deaf double merle rescue Sheltie, Tommy. We feel very protective about Tommy and wouldn’t even consider adopting him to a home that merely meets our very high standards; he is going to go only to a very special home where he will get physical and emotional stimulation and have pretty constant companionship.

Out candidate adopter brought her bi-blue Sheltie girl, Sophie (who is gorgeous and has a superb personality). Sophie and Tommy are about the same size (which is to say, oversized) and seemed to get along well. They’re both very laid back, calm, and friendly, so I think they’ll be compatible. Sophie gets twice-daily walks in addition to having a nice fully-fenced back yard in which to play. Tommy’s going to love going on walks much more often than we can take him out, and I’ve no doubt that he’ll really enjoy being able to go out in the yard with fewer than a half-dozen rambunctious dogs running over him :P

It’s going to be hard to let Tommy go (whether to this family or to somebody else). We’ve become very attached to him. I’d hoped that he might go to a home where he could become a Therapy Dog, but the main thing is that he receive plenty of stimulation, training, and cuddles.

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