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Therapy Dogs

I was reading the post about Tommy, and how Barbara and Jim have hopes that he might be able to serve as a therapy dog at some point in the future. I just couldn’t resist sharing my own experience with my rescue, Twist. He is a 6 year old Sheltie who came into my life about 3 years ago. In that time we’ve enjoyed doing obedience, agility and a little herding. We recently had the privilege to take a vacation to a place called Camp Winnaribbun in Lake Tahoe which is designed just for dog lovers like us. Among the huge variety of activities available to the campers was the chance to prepare for and then take a test to become a certified therapy team. I jumped at the opportunity! What a great way to be able to work together with your dog and bring happiness to others at the same time! I’m proud to say that Twist and I passed our test, and we are looking forward to this new adventure. I would really encourage anyone who have even casually considered this to look into it more.

To find out what the requirements are to become a therapy dog team, there are a couple of websites that you might check out. Therapy Dogs International’s website is: Another site is the Delta Society at: Or, you can simply get in touch with a local therapy dog organization in your area.

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