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Adoption Day: Stevie Nicks

This afternoon, Stevie Nicks went to her new home – her forever home. Stevie arrived her only a couple of weeks ago, but she’d become a wonderful addition to the pack. She had this great talent of interceding calmly and quietly when any of the other dogs got into a spat. She’d just gently insert herself between the two squabblers and gently, but physically, move one of them away. Stevie was also one of the great cuddlers that go through our program every now and then.

Her new family is just delighted with her. Stevie will be a companion for their older Sheltie, as well as a very-much-wanted family member. As they left our house with their new Sheltie-daughter, I opened my arms to give Stevie a big hug and she looked at me like “Sorry, but you can’t have me back…I’ve got a new family” :) And off they went to PetCo where Stevie was going to be allowed to shop for her own toys and treats!

On this day..

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