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Who’s In Charge At Your House?

Dorothy Christiansen, National Sheltie Rescue coördinator, sent the Sheltie Rescue list a wonderful article about making sure that the right individual(s) is/are in charge in a house shared by humans and dogs. The immediate topic of the article is ensuring that your dog(s) are more relaxed, knowing that you are firmly in charge of the pack, and that he or she doesn’t need to worry either about the pack not having a leader or about having to fill that role himself/herself.

You can find the article at “Nothing in Life is Free“. After you’ve read the article, click on the “Home” link; on the home page, you’ll find links to several very useful articles that can help with a variety of behavioral issues with dogs. (Yes, surprising though it may be, even Shelties sometimes have behavioral problems :) !)

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2 comments to Who’s In Charge At Your House?

  • sheltietew

    I’m so glad you were able to place a link for Jan McClean’s article on NILIF dealing specifi-cally with learning to better behave and act like an Alpha Mom or Dad. I’m pleased with the control and progress made at my house by simply employing the “sit” command before feeding, playtime, chewies, being allowed on the bed, etc. I haven’t made my way through all her recommendations, but it’s a great article, and I think many dog owners may benefit from it.

    I also think there is much to consider and implement if needed from Jan’s article on Social Isolation.

  • I agree. It is very important for your dog to know who is the leader of the pack, or family. If not, he may very well assume the role and begin displaying dominant, aggressive behavior as a result. Thanks for the link to the article. It is very informative.

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