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Leci is Sweet and Needs a Great Home

If you haven’t seen Leci on Petfinder yet you can check her out here. She’s a tiny, 1 year old, Pomeranian mix with some ShihTzu. Whatever the mix she’s a sweetheart. Shannon can tell you all about her and you can check her out here:


Leci on Petfinder

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1 comment to Leci is Sweet and Needs a Great Home

  • sheltietew

    What a flirtatious little sheltie! Well, maybe not a sheltie. . . unless there was a teacup variety; Leci is just 6 pounds afterall. And that powder puff tail would be a fault in competition. (There’s no understanding judges ;o) But Leci does have a sumptuous sable coat that Cruella de Ville would die for.

    The MOST notable comment I can make about Leci is her disposition of perpetual happiness.
    Now she needs the right kind of person/family with which to share her joy of life. So if you know of some one who’s looking a mini-mini-sheltie (or a Pomeranian/ShihTzu), send them to Petfinder to learn more about this darling canine. Her loving foster mom’s phone number and email are listed there.

    Thanks, SheltieTales, for supporting shelties incognito.

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