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A New Link

If you look carefully in the left sidebox of this blog site, you’ll find a box titled “Great Links and Blogs”. That’s where we put links to other peoples’ blogs that we think might interest our readers, as well as the occasional link to other sites that might be interesting.

Today, I’ve added a link titled “Artificial Turf…for Pets”. This is our very first paid advertisement! Although I had not yet said so on the front page of this blog (or even on our About page), all advertisement revenues are used solely and exclusively for Sheltie Rescue of Utah — to pay for veterinary expenses, buy food and supplies, transport dogs from relinquishers and to adopters, and the like. None of those advertisement pennies and dollars will ever go into the pockets of individuals associated with this blog.

Please click on the link to let our advertiser know that it was worth his effort to get us to place the link. You can access a blog entry at the advertiser’s site directly by clicking here.

On this day..

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1 comment to A New Link

  • If you’re reading this comment, then you’ve noticed (or at least been exposed to) the Google ad box near the top of this window. Adding Google ads might not bring in much money, but it’s better than nothing :)

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