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Adoption Day: Snoopy

About a week ago (Sunday, 2007-09-23, actually), this very nice couple came over to meet Snoopy, one of our personality-plus rescues. Snoopy’s this great little (by comparison with most of our rescues, little!) girl who’s about 4 years old, but acts more like a 1 year old. She’s great and we really liked having her around. Well, except for her habit of letting us know loudly when she wanted her dinner, or out of her crate, or…

The couple brought their newly-adopted senior Sheltie, Gilley, to see if everybody was comfortable with everybody else. It was clear right then that there was a lot of compatibility, but Barbara and I are reluctant to complete an adoption on the first date. So, we suggested that they foster Snoopy for a while to see whether things were really going to work out.

Shoulda known…by Friday, they’d already called to ask if they could set up an adoption date “as soon as possible”. So we made an appointment with them for yesterday, the last day of September. Over they came, bringing both Gilley and Snoopy, who had clearly decided that she’d adopted the whole family! We signed the papers and off they went.

Now, once in a while, when we do an adoption and the family leaves with their new member, well, it’s sad. The Sheltie looks out the car window with a face that says “Don’t you love me any more? What did I do wrong? Why are you sending me away?” Even though we know that the adoption is the Right Thing for that Sheltie, it’s still saddening at first.

But, Snoopy? Hah! Not on your life. Oh, she remembered us and clearly was happy to see us. But there was no question at all about where she belonged. After she decided they’d been here long enough, she told her new mom and dad very clearly “OK, let’s go home now”. Barbara and I love it when that happens. That way, we know that everybody’s happy!

On this day..

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