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Adoption Day Stories

Earlier in this blog, I posted “Adoption Day — Stevie Nicks“. Since then, it occurred to me that we do enough adoptions that we’re going to have a ton of posts on the general subject of “adoption day”. Being an engineer, I hate to waste energy. Naturally, my first thought upon realizing that was “Aha! Let’s have just one blog post called “Adoption Day Stories” (yes, I realize that this post has that very title) and tell each adoption day story as a comment on the post.

But that dog won’t hunt (sorry!). After all, ever one of our adoptions is a special event, no matter how many we have done. Stevie deserved her own post, and so do the rest of the kids who find their forever homes. Besides, it takes exactly the same amount of disk space, screen space, and effort to do the Right Thing as to do the comment bit.

So, my policy is that each dog gets his or her own adoption day post and any comments on that post will be relevant to that dog, not to anybody else.

On this day..

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