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Feeding Time

Breakfast and dinner time for one or two dogs is fun. It’s reasonably quiet and calm and the furkids are appreciative of your efforts. But make that 11 like we have in the house now, and it’s absolute chaos! Barbara does the feeding (she’s the nutrition and medication maven) while I sit here bringing home the kibble. But the noise drives me nuts! It’s not only a barkfest, if somebody gets too excited, there’s going to be a fight (usually not serious, but sometimes…) that we’ve got to break up. Tonight, happily, there were no fights, but I’ve got a raging headache from the barking.

We’ve got (almost) everybody eating in a crate. (“Almost” because we have more dogs right now than we can fit crates into the feeding room; the others go into the bathroom, etc.) That helps avoid direct conflict, but it doesn’t help a bit with the noise.

Argh! We need some doggy downers (if you’re of my generation, you’ll know what I’m talking about). And daddy downers, maybe :) Everybody’s got to believe in something; I believe I’ll go have a beer!

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1 comment to Feeding Time

  • I can relate. Right now with 8, we have four in the kitchen and four in the front room (sables in the front room please!). And it works out okay, but I make the food in the kitchen, so everyone in the front room thinks they are missing out!

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