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Losing Track

When you’ve got 2, 3, or 5 dogs in the house, it’s pretty easy to keep track of who’s where and what their names are. Ten or 12 (or 18!) is qualitatively different. I’m ashamed to admit that we have miscounted and left a dog outside overnight once or…well, more. That’s terrible, but we often truly can’t even remember how many are supposed to be in our house “now”. The numbers change so frequently: it can be 8 today, 13 tomorrow, 9 the next day, 13 again the following day.

And, of course, the individuals change along with the numbers. So merely counting them as they go in and out isn’t as easy as it sounds :( Not to mentions knowing how to refer to “the new girl” or “the big tri-color”. Yes, they’ve all got names, but coming up with the name on the spot isn’t always within my powers.

I’m thinking about vests with their names written on them, and number tags that they get when they go out and we retrieve when they come back in.

On this day..

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2 comments to Losing Track

  • Vests are a great idea! Even with only 8, sometimes one gets left outside.. or, embarrassingly, in the closet. It’s those young curious ones who have just GOT to check out inside that closet…

  • cindy colbert

    What you don’t have postie notes on the patio door anymore? Recently I was watching my sister’s weiner dogs, one fell into a hole in the back yard (a small hole but when you only have 2 incles legs any hole is daunting) it was dark and I could’nt find her. Rockie knew right where she was and stood by her till I figured out that he had found her. I don’t know how you guys keep track of so many dogs all the time.

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