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Evie’s Mom-to-Be and Evie in Art

I feel really good that we have an adopter for Evie that I believe is a perfect, perfect match.  I think that when we get them together, Judi and Evie will be blissfully happy with each other.  Evie, despite being able to intimidate every dog in our home, is a beautiful, delicate little girl who’s devoted to her Mom and very smart.  Judi and her husband live near Lewiston, Idaho so we’ve had some discussions over how and when Evie will be picked up and/or moved to their home.  The current plan is that they will take several days to drive down here to pick her up but that may be on hold until some health problems are addressed.  In the meantime, Judi, who likes to draw and paint with watercolor pencils and paints, has done some art based on photos of Evie.  Here is a beautiful watercolor that Judi sent us just last week…[photopress:EVIE_WATERCOLOR.jpg,thumb,pp_image]

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