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Sleeping with Evie!

Little Evie, who I often refer to as Evil Evie because she can put the fear of her little self into any size dog that comes into our home (Evie only weighs about 15 pounds) is becoming an even sweeter, cuddlier, more loving little munchkin. Lately I’ve been getting up very early in the morning – around 3:00am – because my shoulders are killing me. I’ve been going to sleep on the couch. Somehow it feels more comfortable for my shoulders though I’m not sure why. In the last few nights Evie, who sleeps in a crate right next to my head when I’m in bed, has caught on to what I’m doing. A few nights ago, shortly after I settled in on the couch and started drifting off to sleep (of course) I began to hear a little squeak. I came alert and listened. There it was again and it was the unmistakable squeak of Evie. I thought…well maybe she has to go out. I got up, got Evie, who was happily bouncing all around me…and tried to send out outside. To make me happy she went out the door and onto the patio but really wasn’t interested in doing anything out there. So I called her back inside and she was delighted to come back inside and continue her happy dance around my legs. Rather than disturb everyone in the bedroom anymore I settled myself back on the couch hoping Evie would do the same. She did…and it even seemed to me that this was exactly what she wanted…to cuddle up with me and sleep. She curled up on the blanket resting on my stomach and we went off to sleep together. It was sweet.

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2 comments to Sleeping with Evie!

  • ML

    What a sweet girl! I don’t think I met her when I was there last week.

  • Oh that is so wonderful.:) What a sweet girl she is. I love when dogs sleep on me. Hudson will sleep right on top of my legs. Levi will plop down right next to me and snuggle up, but Hudson lays directly on my legs. I can’t imagine that is comfortable for him, but he stays! And since he only weighs 53 pounds (unlike Levi’s 65) he is light for me so I don’t mind.

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