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Wer is mi mommi n daddi?

Hi der. Dis be Laddie. I’s not so yust to da puter so ya kin jus be pashint wid me.

I lik libin here wid Jim n Barbara. I got to meat mi foreber famili a few days ago. Deyre reel nice peepl. I liked um lots, but dey cuddnt take mi home rite way. Dey ar gettin mareed berry soon or so day is tailin me. Den dey goze ona hunnymoon,but I donno wut dat is. Dat moon I see in de ski looks awfly far awaa. Does dey goze der? Barbara sez dat when the hunnymoon is ober, dey will cum getmi and I wil goze home widdem foreber. I kin hardli wate.

by fur now


pee s. Jim hepped mi wid da puter cause I neber uzed one befor.

On this day..

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1 comment to Wer is mi mommi n daddi?

  • cindy colbert

    You tell Mr Jim to pay more attention, everyone knows full well that Shelties can read and write and have perfect grammar. Merly taught my lady this and ever since she has been able to communicate with Shelties perfectly.
    Congratulations on your new home.

    Rockie and his lady

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