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Evie and the Praying Mantis

Before I moved to Utah I’m not sure if I’d ever seen a Praying Mantis…just knew about it from science class and photos and such. Here in my own backyard I seem to trip over them all the time. What is it about Utah and the Praying Mantis — do we have an abundance of bugs that make the Mantis a very happy neighborhood bug? Evie was out with me in the yard with several other dogs. We were just finishing up our going potty routine when I noticed Evie was sniffing at something on the ground like it was alive. I figured it was a leaf, blade of grass, or something like that. After watching her for a moment and seeing that her interest didn’t let up and that in fact it looked as though she might even be following something…I had to check it out. Wow! Evie had found a green stick that moved! Gently using her paw she tried to steer the green stick and move it closer to her. The green stick didn’t want anything to do with the giant furry thing that kept touching it – it was trying to move on as quickly as it could — which wasn’t very fast. Jim and I ended up calling Evie away from it though I tell you, it took a LOT of encouraging to get her to turn away. I mean…how often do you find a twig that walks!  And PS, can you believe neither Jim nor I thought to run and grab a camera?  How often will I see a Praying Mantis interacting (sort of) with a Sheltie?

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