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Missing the kids

Sigh…I’m sitting in a meeting room on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA, where I’ve been for the last three days, with two more to go. The meetings are going just fine, but I really miss the Shelties and my darling wife Barbara. I’ve been a road warrior for decades now, traveling more than staying home (seriously…I normally travel about 60% of the time). It’s always hard, and I get really grumpy the day or two before I have to leave on a trip — longer trips imply grumpier feelings, too (poor Barbara, having to put up with it).

Oh, well, at least I’ll be able to go home on Saturday morning, but only for overnight. I leave AGAIN on Sunday for a 1-day trip, returning Monday evening. Then (hooray) I’ll be home for a whole 6 days, leaving again on the following Sunday for yet another week-long trip.

Sly and Star, in particular, get all upset when they see my suitcase sitting by the door. They go into super-cute mode, hoping that they can persuade me to stay home. Failing that, they want to ride to the airport with me. If Barbara’s driving me (which she usually does), they almost always get to go, which helps a bit.

On this day..

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