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Advertising. Or, Why We Need This Blog To Succeed.

What is a blog for? For some people, I guess, it’s an artifact of their egos: I’m so important that everybody will want to know what I’m thinking. For others, it’s a genuine effort to belong to and participate in a community, or maybe a sincere desire to offer expertise, support, or just joie de vivre. And, for others, it’s clearly pecuniary and nothing more.

We want this blog to be in that middle category. I am just not that interesting, so I have no illusions that you’re all waiting out there with bated breath to discover my latest brain drool. And I like to believe that I’ve got higher motives than “Gimme da cash. Now!” I think that we who participate in this blog really do have some useful things to offer to the dog, Sheltie, and rescue communities and I hope that we might say something interesting or beneficial on occasion.

But we gotta pay the bills, too, which is why we’ve decided to “monetize” the blog. (I’ve been taught that “monetize” means approximately the same as “use it to bring in money”.) That’s why you’ll find the Google ad banner at the top of most pages, the little Google ad list at the bottom of the right sidebar, and the Google search bar at the bottom of the left sidebar. Those thingies are intended to do two things. One, of course, is to help us pay veterinary expenses, but only if the other thing comes to pass. The other thing is to provide you with information about products and services that might be interesting to you as dog owners, Sheltie people, or rescuers.

I bring this up now because I want to ask that you notify me if you ever see anything advertised in those spaces that is inappropriate for this blog. Google’s very good about keeping, ummmm, adult themes material out of our way, but they can’t always tell if we want to see ads for, say, puppies. If you tell me about an inappropriate ad, please give me all the detail you can, most especially the actual URL (address) of the ad, so I can try to ensure that it never reappears.

In addition, we’ve signed up with a few services that connect us with advertisers who are willing to pay us to write a blog entry about, or merely linking to, their products or services. In a few cases, the payment requires that the blog entry not mention that it’s a paid entry. Our Disclosure page says that we want to be as transparent as possible about such things. But we also think that you’re all smart enough to know when we’re writing a for-pay blog entry and not giving you our personal, unvarnished opinions. Right? Again, if you see something inappropriate (including something about which it’s unclear whether we’re writing something for pay or expressing our personal opinions), let us know and we’ll try to avoid such problems in the future.


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1 comment to Advertising. Or, Why We Need This Blog To Succeed.

  • One afternoon, I was in the backyard hanging the laundry when an old, tired-looking dog wandered into the yard. I could tell from his collar and well-fed belly that he had a home. But when I walked into the house, he followed me, sauntered down the hall and fell asleep in a corner. An hour later, he went to the door, and I let him out. The next day he was back. He resumed his position in the hallway and slept for an hour.
    This continued for several weeks. Curious, I pinned a note to his collar: “Every afternoon your dog comes to my house for a nap. ”
    The next day he arrived with a different note pinned to his collar: “He lives in a home with ten children – he’s trying to catch up on his sleep.”

    I cried from laughter
    Sorry, if not left a message on Rules.

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