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Didn’t you notice?

Nobody’s commented on the “bullets” in the sidebars of this blog! I worked a long time on those. Of course, they’re only 16 pixels wide by 16 pixels high, so the resolution isn’t very good. But each and every one of them is a tiny little sable-and-white Sheltie head with nose pointing at the item on its right!

OK, if nobody noticed, maybe that means that it’s impossible to figure out. So, you tell me (or else I’ll start a poll!): should I keep them just like they are, should I try again (maybe making them a little bigger), or should I just get rid of them because they clutter up the page?

Oh, and if your browser pays attention to things like the favicon, there should be a little Sheltie head icon in the address bar of your browser (that’s the box that contains the URL at which the page you see is located). I can’t make those bigger (I think) ’cause they’re limited to 16×16 pixels.

On this day..

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1 comment to Didn’t you notice?

  • I admit I didn’t see them at first because I was reading the “center column” section of the blog ~ but you did a GREAT job !!!!

    lots of luck on new blog :)

    Linda, Princess Sashi, Buddy the Wild Child and Cinnamon [new foster from puppy mill]

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