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Indy, a very special boy

A few months ago, we rescued a little Sheltie boy named Indy (Independence) and a little Sheltie girl (Gracie) at the same time. Gracie was placed very quickly and settled into her new forever home quickly. But I just liked Indy so much that I didn’t want to hurry him out the door. We hung onto him for a few weeks and I really couldn’t quite make up my mind. After all, we not only have a constantly changing house-full of rescue Shelties, we’ve got our own three (Isaac, who is 15½, Sly, who is 12½, and Star, who’s about 3½). Adding another permanent dog to the household just seemed unfair to Isaac, Sly, and Star.

So, while I was off on a business trip, Barbara sent Indy off to be fostered with one of our Sheltie Rescue family, Shannon. Shannon was a great foster mom for Indy, but she has some problems getting around and Indy was just a little too active (and noisy), so she asked if we could take him back. Which we did…happily.

This time, Indy stayed with us for a few months, during which I took him hiking, watched movies with him, had him sleep near (or on!) me, and all that. I really, really loved him…even though he is a bit barky (but he is ‘de-barked’, too). But I finally decided, with the greatest reluctance, that it wasn’t fair to Indy to keep him hanging around, lost in the parade of rescues, and told Barbara that he deserved a home of his own. So we put him back up on the Sheltie Rescue of Utah web site and on Petfinder, and soon a wonderful family showed up to adopt him. Indy’s new family has let us know that he’s very happy in their home and loves his new big back yard. That’s just wonderful.

But I miss him all the time. I find myself crying every now and then because I miss him so much. He was and is very, very special and I wish that it had been feasible for him to stay with us.

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2 comments to Indy, a very special boy

  • ML

    I’m so sorry! It’s easy to get attached and hard to let go when there’s such a bond.

    I’m glad Indy found a forever home with a big backyard :)

  • I know I’m a year late on this one, but I’m sorry you had to give him up. If you had a “normal” life you’d be able to keep him. It must be very difficult to give up so many very special dogs, and maybe Indy was the most special of all. You’re a good guy, SheltieJim.

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