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Adoption Day: Laddy

Last night, Laddy’s new mommy and daddy, newly-married and newly-honeymooned, came over to complete the adoption. When I brought Laddy into the room where the couple were waiting, his face lit up like a kid at a birthday party. I’d been telling him all day that “Today’s the day, your new mommy and daddy are going to come get you”, and he looked over at me like he was thinking “You weren’t lying…here they are!”

Barbara and I sat and talked with them for well over an hour as we did the paperwork (adoption contract, checking Laddy’s microchip, etc.). I spent a solid 10 minutes talking to them about Laddy’s particular “issues” and educating them on the best ways to respond to situations where Laddy gets frightened and thinks that he needs to warn somebody off, threaten somebody, or (highly unlikely) defend himself. They “got it” immediately, and were applying the things I told them while we were all sitting there – doing it completely naturally, as thought they’d been doing it all their lives.

Near the end of the hour, it seemed that Laddy was intent on being with or near me, getting me to throw a toy for him, and having me cuddle him. I started worrying a bit that perhaps he was trying to say “OK, those are nice people, but you’re my real daddy.” But, when it came time to leave, they clipped Laddy’s leash to his new collar and Laddy stood right up as if to say “OK, it’s time for us to go home.” He obviously knew who was who, and I now think that he was merely saying goodbye to me and helping me to not be sad by playing with me :) He’s such a Good Boy!!

As Laddy jumped right into their car and settled down into the passenger seat, it was clear that he wasn’t confused or unhappy in the least. He knew exactly what was going on and was thrilled to have his very own mommy and daddy that he won’t have to share with any other dogs. That’s the kind of response to an adoption that makes so, so happy. This is what it’s all about.

On this day..

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