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When it rains, it pours

I’m currently in Vancouver, BC (CAN) on a business trip.

When I left the house (I always have to qualify my answer when somebody asks me “How many dogs do you have now?”), we had 11 dogs in the house. Before I got to Vancouver, we had 13! In fairness, one of those 13 is a former rescue named Ritzy who’s at “Camp Sheltie” for a few days while her adoptive dad’s out of town.

We have a new girl with us. Her name is Gigi and she’s a really sweet, cuddly, somewhat overweight sable and white girl who’s actually not too much over size. She was released to us by her family with the warning that she was not at all good with cats. Well, she’s been very nice to our cat, exhibiting no problems of any sort. She’s going to be very easy to place. In fact, Barbara’s taking her to another foster home (probably today), where we think she’s very likely to be adopted :)

And, sadly, we have an earlier rescue back with us. Poor Shelby (not to be confused with Shelbee, who came to us two or three weeks ago) was adopted and in her hoped-to-be forever home. But she seemed to develop a skin condition (not yet diagnosed) at her new home. The family had another dog before they adopted Shelby, and that other dog seemed to pick up the skin condition. Rather than risk the health of the dog whom they’d had before Shelby, they made the very difficult choice to release Shelby back to us. I understand their decision, but it makes me so sad that Shelby has to get used to being with us once again and then being adopted again.

Barbara tells me that we’re expecting two new Shelties to arrive soon (I’m not certain when, but I think it’s supposed to be this week or this coming weekend), and I think that I recall yet one more in the queue to come in. Man, we need foster homes badly!

I haven’t had the cycles (my silly day job keeps getting in the way) to update the Sheltie Rescue of Utah web site yet to add the new rescues, but that’ll happen soon.

On this day..

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3 comments to When it rains, it pours

  • KayentaJane

    Hello Jim and Barbara!

    I just found the blog and am very much enjoying reading up on everything. I have been checking out the main Sheltie Rescue page for years and donating when I had some extra funds. I would love to be a foster home for you, but unfortunately the HOA for the condo community where I live has passed a no pets regulation! I guess some other owners were bad pet keepers.

    I find that I will have a break in my employement after Oct. 30th until I find a new job. I was wondering if I could donate my time and help out with walking dogs, or grooming, or whatever needed to be done. I’ll even volenteer for pooper scooper duty. (I worked part time in a kennel back in 2001, and cleaning out the kennels was my main duty.)

    Thank you for taking care of these wonderful little dogs. My sheltie died about 7 years ago, and I miss having such an intelligent companion around the house.

  • rapidshare search

    KayentaJane, i agree. i’m from Romanian and we have no such blog here. thank you!

  • MandaBear

    Mom is more than willing to foster another sheltie if needed. We won’t let what happened with Topper stop us from helping. Besides it wasn’t Topper’s fault and we all know and agree on that one. So please give mom a call if you need another foster home!

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