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Adoption Day: Gigi

Sometimes, things just come together.

A week or so ago, we took in a new rescue, a pudgy little sable-and-white girl named Gigi. This adorable year old was a bit overweight (but not obese) and needed a dental, but she was sweet as could be and loved to cuddle. We assumed that she’d be easy to place.

But we had no idea just how easy.

Barbara’d been talking to Peggy, a long-time Sheltie and rescue enthusiast here in the Salt Lake Valley, for several weeks (maybe a few months, even) about possibly fostering a dog for us.  Peggy was mostly interested in a blue merle, which we didn’t have in the program. But a few days ago, Peggy talked to Barbara and said that she just needed a Sheltie fix and no longer cared about the color.

On Sunday, 2 days ago, Barbara and I loaded three dogs up into our Nissan Pathfinder and drove over to Peggy’s place — a great acre of land on which she keeps two horses and has loads of fully fenced backyard for the dogs to play in. We took with us Star, Tommy, and Gigi. We adopted Star ourselves about three years ago, but she’s not doing as well as we’d like with the constant, and increasing, parade of rescues that goes through here. Star just needs a quieter home where she can get the loving and attention she needs without having to compete for every tummy rub or scratch on the tushy. Tommy, as our readers know, is our deaf and blind double-merle boy.

Well (no surprises here), Peggy loved them all. She was clearly torn between each of the dogs, and was even considering taking two of them, not just one! Star, unfortunately, disqualified herself by barking at the horses, barking at the chickens, and chasing one of Peggy’s cats. But Peggy really fell in love with Gigi, and it was obvious that the feelings were (as Teri Garr, as Inge, in Young Frankenstein said) “mootchal”. Almost before we knew it, Peggy asked if she could  —not foster — adopt Gigi. Naturally, we were delighted. (Conveniently, Barbara had remembered to bring along adoption contracts in addition to foster contracts, just in case…)

Bing, bang, blam, and Gigi’s got a new forever home and a great new mommy! And we never even managed to get Gigi up onto our web site! This is yet another of those adoptions that make us feel like we’re on cloud nine!

Happiness.  It comes.

On this day..

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