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Google Page Rank 5!

I guess I’m exposing my inner (and outer!) geek, but I just have to brag a little. This blog has finally received a Google Page Rank, which is a number from 1 to 10 that indicates how “popular” a web site is. The rankings depend on many things, like the number of “hits” a site gets, the number of other sites that link to it, the page rank of sites that link to it, and a whole lot of secret sauce.

Well, we just found out that SheltieTales has a Google Page Rank of 5!  I’m amazed…and very pleased. One reason we might have such a high ranking so soon is that a good friend of mine put a link on his site to SheltieTales — and his site has a Page Rank of 9!!!

You’ve got to go look at his site. Not only is it nice to visit his site as a way of thanking him for linking to us, but his site is very…umm, interesting. It’s gorgeous, eclectic, dynamic, and, well, gorgeous. Called DeviantArt, it’s unusual but not off-putting. There might be some photographs on the site that are a bit on the mature side, but the vast majority are just good photographs, sometimes great ones. It’s easy to navigate the site to avoid seeing things you don’t want to see. (And, in my unsolicited opinion, there’s not anything that I think is offensive. But I’m notoriously tolerant.)

Now, chant with me: Page Rank 5, Page Rank 5, Page Rank…

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