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Too funny!

Here’s another laugh-’til-you-cry story from Hondo at the Wild Bunch (as always, unedited, just as John wrote it), told from the viewpoint of a stray dog:

I was walking down the road and it was raining. I have spent many a day and night walking on the road since I’ve been a stray but not on a cold stormy night. This car slowly pulled up and stopped and figuring it was someone that was feeling sorry for me I jumped into the car through the open window. I looked over toward the drivers side of the car and there was nobody sitting there and I can tell you I was scared but that was nothing to how scared I was as the car slowly started moving again down the road. I was just about to jump out the window when I seen I was slowly coming up to a curve in the road. Just as I got there a hand appeared through the window and turned the steering wheel. I froze just as the hand disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. I went just a little further down the road in this car when it stopped again and scared I jumped out the window and ran towards this restaurant and just as I got there the door opened and I ran inside to get away from the ghost. Just after I got inside these two men walked into the restaurant wet from the stormy night and like me they were out of breath. One looked at the other and said Hey Sam there’s that dog that jumpedinto the car while we were pushing it

On this day..

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