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Evie and Jackson – Partners in Crime!

Evie is very happy these days to have another youngster here as curious and as intrepid as she is when it comes to investigating the unknown.  Thanks to Evie, Jackson is learning that when Jim enters the room it’s cause for running and barking at the top of our lungs.  Sound the alarm!  Things are going to happen!  If Evie starts to check out a leaf outside, Jackson will go up to it and sniff it slightly less cautiously than Evie.  Did I mention that Evie is part cow?  Outside she delicately nibbles on a variety of greens.  I spend a lot of time watching this activity and trying to keep it to a minimum.  It’s evident that she enjoys tasting leaves and grass blades.  Now…thanks to Evie…Jackson will take the lowest hanging leaf on the lowest hanging branch of a weeping birch and start munching on it.  This boy has shown no interest in eating grass but he saw Evie pulling leaves off of this tree and he just had to try it too!

Sometimes when these two kids play it’s like a lumpy, fast-moving, noisy ball of fur rolling along the floor, down the stairs, across the room, and out the door!  Woe to me if I’m in their way!  They could mow me down if I wasn’t watching out for them and me.  Sometimes, when there’s a close call and I get scared cause I almost got knocked down the stairs…I start to growl at them.  Then Evie gives me the sweetest, ” I AM your little girl look, right?” as she peeks out from behind the couch.  Jackson usually comes barreling at me, flies through the air then lands on the couch and is almost certainly saying, “Ta da!”   – Barbara

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1 comment to Evie and Jackson – Partners in Crime!

  • Ah yes the youngsters learning from the oldsters… even if they are not old at all. Tatum, our new girl, is learning from Angel that the neighbor’s car is cause to run outside full speed barking.

    Fortunately Tatum is also learning to come in with Angel when we call them in.

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