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Sheltie Stolen By Tourist On Mothers Day!

Please help us find Mya! This is her story.

My name is Mya, I am the most important thing in the world to my Mom and I know it! On Mothers Day 2007 my mom was out of town. While she was gone my Dad was in charge. He let me out in my 6 foot privacy fenced backyard to potty. Dad wasn’t paying attention. The neighbor’s bird dog dug a hole under the fence because he was bored and his Mom and Dad let him run loose in the neighborhood. I wanted to see what he was doing so I joined him on the outside. A man and woman came up and offered me some food. I didn’t know them but I visit people at the nursing home all the time (I am a therapy dog) so I thought it was ok. But they took me and put me in their SUV. The SUV is black or dark green with TN plates and a Stone Mountain GA tag holder. The people who took me are a man and woman. I was at the BP station on AL HWY 59 in Foley AL when they took me (Foley is near the beaches). However, someone thinks they might have seen me in the SUV in Matamore/West Fall PA area in Sept. Now I am far away and I can’t get back home. I am sure my Mom misses me and is looking for me but I don’t know if she knows how far away I am. I bet the old people at the nursing home miss me too. I miss them. Please help me get back home. I am a dark sable and white I have a nice full coat, I just had my second birthday in Oct. I am 14 inches tall at the shoulder and less than 20 lbs. I have been microchiped with an AVID chip but no one has scanned me yet or they would know that AVID Pet/Trac and AKC’s CAR have me listed as missing. I know my Mom is offering a very large reward ($1,000.00) for my return. Please help me find my mom. Mom’s webpage is phone number 251-943-8393

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