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It oughtn’t be like this

As I mentioned in another posting, I’m currently in Boston for a business trip. While I’m travelling, I anticipate that one of our rescued Shelties (Shelby) who was recently returned to us because of her skin problems, is going to be placed with a new foster home where we anticipate that she will be adopted and stay forever. Shelby was one of those delicious little girls when she first came into the program. I’ve long forgotten the details (although I’m sure that Barbara will recall them), but I do remember that she was incredibly sweet, very private, and quite cuddly. When she came back to us, I was out of town; but, when I entered the house upon my return to SLC, her eyes shone and she virtually leaped into my arms, wagging her entire body. (What an ego boost, eh?)

Well, it’s almost guaranteed that she’ll be off to her fantastic new foster home (and most probabably her forever home) before I et back from this trip. I won’t get to see her again right away (although I know that I could go see her at her new home if I need to do so), and that makes me sad.

I really wish that I could just keep them all (well, most of them…I’m not quite so enthusiastic about all of them) . But that’s impossible, even if we had unlimited funds (trust me: we don’t!). There just aren’t enough hands to pet them all, enough mouths to kiss them all, and enough beds to snuggle them all!

I used to say that there was no such thing as too many Shelties. I still believe that in many ways. But the Shelties sometimes have a different opinion :)

On this day..

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1 comment to It oughtn’t be like this

  • MandaBear

    I got to meet Shelby and she is a DOLL! I absolutly love her. Mom also fell in love with her. I also think that she is doing wonders for Sarah. Such wonderful dogs. I would take them all in if I could!

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