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Grab your credit card — new shopping opportunities

Yup, it’s holiday shopping season again, and we’re proud to announce several new products just put up on the Sheltie Rescue Mall. Our very own Fientje Allis is instrumental in our being able to offer these products, so I want to publicly thank her for this major contribution.

A product that we expect to be very popular (partly because you can use it all year ’round) is a line of greeting cards (which we call PhotoCards™) featuring photos of and stories about rescued Shelties and their friends and families. At the moment, we’ve got about a half-dozen cards posted, but more are on the way (as soon as I have the time to process the images and upload them).

Another product of which we’re particularly proud is a collection of unique, almost all one-of-a-kind, jewelry designed and created by the Native Elders of the Navajo nation. If you buy a piece of this jewelry, you will be simultaneously helping two worthy causes: the Native Elders and their families, and Sheltie Rescue.

Act like you’re voting in Chicago: Shop early and often!

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