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Jackson Finds a Home – Maybe?

[photopress:Jackson_Smiling_and_Closer__Medium_.jpg,thumb,alignleft]I have a very, very soft spot for the exuberant and loving nature of Corgis. The fluffy Corgi who ended up with Sheltie Rescue of Utah seems to have accidently found himself a home while we were out running errands together on Monday. With our Isaac boy needing special care and attention I decided to take the most outlandish member of the household, Jackson, a Corgi whom I love dearly, with me while I was out for several hours on errands. One of my errands was to drive up to Clearfield and pick up some newly embroidered towels from our ourstanding embroidery shop and rescue supporters – Blackspool Embroidery. I was looking forward to seeing our newly embroidered towels, Vanessa and Tabitha (Mom and daughter who run the shop), and their dogs who usually hang out with them at the shop. Their yellow lab mix, Jack, was there and ready to say hello as soon as I walked in. Jack is only 3 years old, also somewhat exuberant, but significantly slowed down by being very overweight. (They’ve been free feeding him!) My towels were sitting over on the table just inside the door and they looked Fabulous! I had Jackson on leash with me figuring that Vanessa and Tabitha would enjoy meeting him — sweet and cute as he is and being somewhat unusual. After I commented on how beautiful the towels looked I explained that despite the long hair, Jackson is actually a Corgi with a little (actually big) fault — all that hair. Vanessa and Tabitha came over and bent down to meet Jackson who was thrilled to say hello and give everyone lots of kisses AND to play with Jack. I don’t remember if they asked me if Jackson was a rescue before telling me that Vanessa was looking for a second dog to adopt. She hoped to find a playmate for Jack. I remember telling them that Jackson came from the Ogden shelter which apparently was important to Vanessa and Tabitha because all their dogs were adopted out of the local shelters. Then Tabitha told me that Vanessa was specifically looking for a Corgi to adopt. I could hardly believe it. I had started the day looking forward to bonding with Jackson in a different way than we had up until then — being buddies running errands together, meeting the world together, and then going home. In a few minutes it all changed. Part of me was thrilled to find the kind of home I’d been waiting for, for Jackson. There were lots of inquiries on him — he IS adorable but we don’t adopt out until we find what we believe is the right match. Part of me was devastated. Vanessa and Tabitha began talking about how Bob, Vanessa’s husband, (and Tabitha’s Dad) needed to be okay with Jackson too. I asked how Bob was going to decide if he didn’t get to meet Jackson. About then we saw Jack and Jackson playing together and having a wonderful time. I thought…a home that cares about their dogs, cares about rescue, has always supported Sheltie Rescue, where Jackson would get to be with “his people” all day long and meet and greet customers…is a life that Jackson would love. I asked if they’d like to foster him and see how things go. An offer that wasn’t refused. This gave Bob a chance to meet him — apparently Bob and Jackson watched Monday night football together last night. I no longer have that beautiful ball of energy ricocheting off of me desperate to get my attention and finally…finally…trying out that SIT thing that does get my attention. That adoring look and loving eyes and someone just so happy to be near me. I’m sad and happy and at least…I know where he is and can visit any time. The adoption is not underway yet but I’m pretty sure we’re headed for that happy ending. – Barbara

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2 comments to Jackson Finds a Home – Maybe?

  • Oh I love corgi’s, a breed I would probably never have because the energy, but I have a soft spot for the herding breeds. What a long coat he has!

  • Well, it didn’t stick. Just a few minutes ago, I went upstairs where Barbara had many of the dogs as she was putting some clothes away and…

    …there was Jackson. Apparently, he didn’t work out, seeming to be seriously afraid of Bob (who is one of the gentlest people around). So they drove down here to bring him back.


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