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eBay Auction: Help Rescue and Find a Great Christmas Gift!


This link will take you to see our listing on eBay where we’re auctioning off this really striking turquoise and hematite necklace made by a Navajo Native Elder.
One of our Sheltie Rescue volunteers also volunteers for the nonprofit Adopt A Native Elder program ( This program supports Native Elders in the Oljato and Monument Valley communities in Utah and in the Leupp and Big Mountain communities in Arizona. One day, we were admiring some beautiful turquoise jewelry that our volunteer was wearing. She told us that the jewelry came from the Navajo Indian communities where she volunteered. We wondered if Sheltie Rescue could contribute to the support of these Native American communities by purchasing their jewelry and simultaneously help Sheltie Rescue by selling it in our web store. After some research and lots of work, we’re very excited and proud to present these beautiful pieces as an initial test of this concept. If it works, we look forward to a three-way win for the Navajo communities, Sheltie Rescue, and savvy shoppers.

There are some very striking pieces in this collection. Some pieces are very sophisticated, while other pieces are very sweet and would make a great gift for a young girl. All pieces are uniquely crafted. Enhance your own life with good karma and support both of these deserving groups by gifting yourself or the beautiful spirits in your life with one of these items. Each piece collects so much heart, spirit, and love along its path to its recipient that each is much more than a beautiful adornment. You can see the whole collection at
The Navajo elders and their families receive full price for their work, while Sheltie Rescue adds a small markup to cover our expenses.
May you walk in beauty (Navajo saying)

We’d love your feedback on this auction listing and the jewelry. If you have friends who love jewelry and especially turquoise jewelry or Native American crafts please send them these links. This could make a great Christmas gift or holiday gift for someone — even a great Christmas gift for Sheltie lovers. Hope you enjoy… – Barbara

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