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Sable of West Sussex – Beautiful UK Sheltie-Girl

[photopress:Sable_from_West_Sussex__Medium_.jpg,thumb,pp_image] A customer of our webstore to support rescue, was kind enough to send us a photo of their beautiful Sheltie-girl Sable. Sable is eleven years old. I just love this photo of her. Colin, her Dad, ordered some Planet Sheltie Bath Towels. I asked him how he found the towels and our webstore. This is a bit convoluted and I think best explained in Colin’s own words so here’s what he had to say…”

As to how I found the web site it was as follows:- a friend at work showed me phototgraphs he had posted on the site where people can post their photograghs for the public to see or can restrict viewing to relatives or friends. I did a search under public photos for “Sheltie” and “Shetland sheepdog” and came across a picture of a sheltie that I guess was at one of your fund raising events … I made out sheltie Rescue in the background. I then looked at more of that persons photos and saw a picture of the towel. Then by searching under “Sheltie Rescue …….. found your site. We thought the towels would be a fine Christmas present for Sable’s breeders who have 13 Shelties and a whippet ………… Sheltie Planet.

I have attached on other picture of Sable near the river Arun at Arundel in Sussex. I was trying to take a picture of Arundel Castle and gave up as she kept walking in front of my camera !
Best regards

I have got to go visit and track down what Colin found there that sent him to us. And…here is the photo of Sable at Arundel Castle. [photopress:SABLE_and_Arundel_007a__Medium_.jpg,thumb,pp_image]  Big smile on her face – she looks so happy but perhaps she’s been working hard herding her family around Arundel!  Hugs and Nuzzles to Sable!  – Barbara

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