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Wild Blue Yonder

It’s one of those mornings that depress me the most. I’m leaving in a couple of hours for the airport. Today, I’m flying to Frankfurt, Germany, where I’ll hire a car and drive about 170 km south(ish) to a village named Jagsthausen where I’m attending a 5-day technical meeting. I’ll fly back home on Saturday, 1 December, but leave again on Monday to fly to Australia.

There, I’ll spend two days in Canberra (their capital city) giving seminars and meeting with my employer’s customers, then the weekend doing a bit of exploring in some near-outback town where there are caves, then two more days of seminars in Sydney, flying home on Wednesday, 12 December.

But that’s not all! After one day at home (again), I fly to the Netherlands for the weekend. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, I’m otherwise going to be about 8,000 miles short of achieving super-elite status (so-called “1K”, meaning “100,000 miles the previous year) on United Airlines this year. That will make flying a whole lot less enjoyable for me, which is a problem when I travel 90,00 to 115,000 miles a year.

But the tradeof, of course, is that I spend so much time away from Barbara and the kids that it hurts. I’m not here to carry part of the workload, or to just talk with and otherwise spend time with my family, or merely to sleep in my own bed. And the rest of this year is going to be somewhat extreme in that regard: 25,000 miles on three overseas trips in about 25 days.

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