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A day off?

Today is my day off.  “Oh, how nice!  You get a day off” you say?  Yes, it is!  My day off was prepared for ahead of time.  I carefully planned ahead due to the impending doom and gloom forecast by the weather man.  The Pineapple express was well on it’s way to colliding with sub tropical moisture and cold air from Canada resulting in the inevitable copious amounts of  juicy snow. 

My morning started with the realization that I was lacking something which guides my get out of bed time and the dogs bark trigger to get me up should I be reluctant to do so.  What was I lacking?  The very thing persuading me to stay put.  The lack of noise from traffic.  I knew it had been snowing during the night.  The dogs have an internal clock apparently which despite every plan to the contrary, yanks me from the warm envelope of my covers most mornings.  When I looked outside, I knew my morning pains/er plans had changed.  The lack of noise was due to a glowing, growing blanket of beautiful white snow covering the world.  It absorbs the noise and quiets the noises of city life. 

The dogs were even fooled by the lack of the sounds of humanity in motion, and remained quiet.  I quickly grabbed for the remote to catch the last few minutes of the morning news to collect the current snow totals and what is expected, only to find the satellite dish was buried as well. ”Searching for Signal”…Ugh. Reality pushed its way to the surface and we both dragged ourselves reluctantly from the bed, dressed ourselves, exercised and fed the crew (who offered no help by the way) and steeled ourselves to the task at hand.  

Exiting the door covered in a ridiculous collection of  unmatching winter wear which for me requires mittens, not gloves,  (warmer) and some silly hat with tassels off the top meant for some snowboarder I’m certain, we grabbed the snow shovels and began the dig out.  The snow felt somewhat similar to cement at the base due to the rain prior to the snow yesterday.  We grunted and sweat our way through it by hand as the snow blower coughed and sputtered and refused to paddle the snow from our path. 

Putting into four wheel drive, we climbed into the now dug out truck and made our way over to elderly parents to help them dig out.  Their snow blowers refused the task as well, Kevins parents snow-blower, barely out of the box, worked for a time before it overheated and went on strike too.  We left gallons of snow melt all over the drives and walks to keep up with the still frittering down snow, and made our way back home.  Whew!  I knew I had a party today to make a crock pot full of soup for, which was the pre-planned part of the day.  I had actually went to the store ahead of time and had what I needed to make my chowder.  Kevin dressed himself and scooted off to work while I put the soup together.  Now, I was suddenly exhausted.  Completely uninterested in doing anything except taking a hot shower and sitting on my worn out keister!  But no, I decided that the dogs needed to go out so, dragging myself from the couch, I let dogs out to the yard to stretch and potty.  

What came after that was a rejuvenation of my spirit that I can hardly describe.  I know I love this part of my life.  I don’t know why we don’t remember the emotion so long but when we are there in the moment, we remember.  If you have dogs, you know what I’m talking about don’t you?  Oh yes.  Seeing the dogs playing in the snow.  It’s more fun than sledding when I was ten.  The dogs hit the fresh snow with aplomb and exuberance!  Some of them finding a spot and making doggie angels on their backs, swishing back and forth with a big sheltie smile on their face.  Some playing tag.  Others racing helter skelter across the yard fifty nine miles per hour while their hair floats musically over them, noses to the wind.  Two seconds later they snow plow through the snow head down, and come up with a big fluffy blob of snow on their nose, unnoticed by them.  How they love the fresh snow. 

So, my ”day off” was blown to smithereens, but, it was all worth it.  Work days don’t contain enough time for life’s little rewards like today was gifting me with.  My shoulders might be tired but my spirit is reborn.  Now I get to go watch the horses frolic too!! Yippee!  It’s good after all, to be me.      


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  • BluvsJ

    Okay…you figured out how to publish this. What was the problem or what did you do to fix it. I’ve given you a change in privileges in case that was the problem. Now I’m perplexed because you published before I changed them! – Barbara
    ps More to say after I read your blog entry.

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