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If You Get Bitten Please Remove Your Ring!

With many Shelties in the house we do have tiffs among the dogs every so often.  Generally I’m on my feet when this happens and can do something to end it pretty quickly — like grab one or both dogs involved.  This time I was on the bed — a waterbed at that — and two little girls, Evie and Star, had gotten irritated with each other and were fighting.  Their fight was located primarily on my chest.  So not only did I want to stop the fight and separate them but I also wanted to protect my face.  Being on the bed was a much more vulnerable position and I ended up with some bite marks on my hands a couple of which had broken the skin and bled a bit.  Nothing big.  One finger had gotten a couple of punctures but again — nothing big.  I washed up, used peroxide, and then neosporin but…I didn’t take off my ring.

Big mistake.  Take off your ring if your ring finger gets bruised.  Talks on the phone the next day with a nursing help center concluded with the advice that I should get the ring cut off.  No…!  Not another thing to add to my to-do list and then a ring that needs repair…do I really have to go there?  So then I tried icing and icing and I kept looking at the cut on my finger and the little puncture marks and wondering if the swelling might continue.  How could such small incursions into my body cause so much trouble?  I finally decided that if my finger turned blue then I’d go and get the ring cut off.  Until then, my finger was given the status of “working on healing”.

I showed my finger to my rescue buddy, Julene, who said, “That doesn’t look so good.”  When I mentioned I thought I could wait to see if the finger turned blue she said she thought it already had bad color.  Julene thought I should do something more than just wait.  We both watched as she pressed on the tip of my finger and the color went out and then came back very quickly.  I pointed out that the blood flow looked pretty good since the finger pinked-up pretty quickly.  She agreed…but I could hear the skepticism in her voice.  There’s no point in discussing the rest of my playing around with this finger.  The lesson learned is, take off that ring asap, if that finger gets bruised.     – Barbara

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