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Hair, hair, pet hair everywhair

Do you have a pet? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. And, if you have a pet, you have pet hair. Frankly, I’ve completely forgotten what it’s like to eat a meal without Sheltie hair in it :) Sad, but true!

As one of the principal foster homes for Sheltie Rescue of Utah, we almost always have between 8 and 20 dogs in the house. (No, I’m not kidding…up to 20 dogs in the house…sleeping in our bedroom!) It’s absolutely impossible to keep anything in the house free of dog hair. (Having a long-haired cat as well doesn’t really help much in this regard.)

We’re always searching for a good vacuum cleaner to help us keep up with the hair. We’ve probably tried at least four or five brands and multiple models of some of those brands. A good site for comparison shopping is awfully helpful, and I just today learned about Wize, a review and comparison web site that allows you to get opinions about all sorts of products and compare prices on them. Unfortunately, Wize, like all comparison shopping sites I’ve found, has the ability to report prices from a limited selection of suppliers/stores and doesn’t really scour the web looking for the best possible prices.

In spite of getting really great reviews, none of the products we’ve tried are SRU-proof! We bought a cleaner recently that other Sheltie rescue people swear never clogs or jams, and we clog and jam it within minutes. I guess we just have too much dog hair for today’s technology. Sigh…

[[REVISION: I have removed the links that were formerly in this post because the company has decided to cease advertising the product itself. Whether or not the product is still available, I don't know.]]

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3 comments to Hair, hair, pet hair everywhair

  • Harleysmom

    ok, don’t know what happened to my post before but it dissapeared in cyberland!
    What I said was that Kev and I purchased a Sears brand vaccume several years ago which has no bags or belts. It runs on gears. It works great and has not been plugged up yet I also recommend the wood floors, sweeping is much easier. Love em! I have wondered how the Dyson might hold up.

  • BluvsJ

    I’ve heard reports that people don’t like the Dyson much even the one meant for pet hair. I’d be curious to try it out even so. No bags or belts — that’s great. That’s what our new Sheltie-list-recommended-vacuum is. I’m not sure if we actually clogged it or not. I think so though. I just haven’t unclogged it yet. Getting intimate with one’s vacuum is important so you can fix it as needed. – Barbara

  • Rovill

    “I’ve completely forgotten what it’s like to eat a meal without Sheltie hair in it” Does it taste good lol. Why don’t you just build a dog house for them, I lile dog but personally I prefer them to sleep at their “own house” :)

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