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Traveling With Pets

Barbara and I don’t travel much with our dogs. Most of our travel, because of my job, tends to be international or long-distance domestic, and taking one or more dogs would be difficult and expensive. In the past, though, when we had the time to actually drive somewhere within a few hundred miles to go camping, or to a dog show, or to visit friends, we always took our dogs with us. But, man, it’s getting harder and harder to find hotels that will accept pets. I know part of the problem is irresponsible pet owners who let their pets trash the hotel room, but it’s awfully frustrating to those of us who play by the rules.

I read several years ago about a cultural exchange program in which a bunch of French people were hosted in the USA for a few weeks, traveling around the country. When they were leaving to go back to France, they were interviewed by some television station and asked what they thought of America. One woman’s response struck me; she said “You Americans don’t really like dogs, do you?”

If you’ve ever been to France, you know that hotels and even restaurants everywhere welcome well-behaved pets. That’s largely true throughout Europe as well, but not so much in English-speaking countries such as England, Australia, Canada, and the USA. But the declining value of the dollar relative to the Euro makes many hotels in Europe far too expensive for people like me, with or without a dog. Finding an affordable hotel requires help, and there are lots of web sites that want your business. One, with the unusual name of CheaperThanHotels, seems pretty easy to use and appears to offer some very good bargains.

On their home page,, they claim that they can get a room in a four-star hotel in London, for as little as £59 (roughly $120). That’s almost unbelievable. Even two-star hotel rooms in London usually go for more than that. I guess their secret is that they snatch up rooms that are not booked just a few days beforehand when the hotels are desperate for a guest to occupy them. Interestingly, shows some pretty good deals on hotels in the United States as well. Unfortunately, none of them seem to allow dogs :(

I guess I won’t be traveling with my dogs very much any time soon. (Besides, even I wouldn’t want to rent a hotel room to somebody with 20 Shelties!!)

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1 comment to Traveling With Pets

  • BluvsJ

    Jim, For the millions of times that we’ve searched for affordable hotel rooms while traveling before or after your meetings in other countries this company, a href=”” eudora=”AUTOURL” rel=”nofollow”>, sounds like it might be able to be a great resource. We should test them out by seeing if they can help us find a place to stay in the northwest of Australia…just in case. Have you noticed Progressive Auto Insurance’s new commercials offering free pet insurance if you sign up with them. I don’t know the details but it’s a good ploy. – Barbara

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