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Funding for Sheltie Rescue

I hope that our readers are not too disillusioned with me for interjecting a little bit of commercialism into this blog, but it’s one way that we can raise money to help us continue operating Sheltie Rescue of Utah.

One of the avenues we’ve found is something called Pay Per Post, a company that permits us to actually get paid to blog! This particular blog entry is exceptional in that it does not directly address the primary topic of this blog at all, but discusses a particular fundraising mechanism. In (almost?) all other cases, I will blog only about directly related topics and include specific links and keywords when there is a decent fundraising opportunity involved (e.g., $10 or more). invisible

The nice thing about Pay Per Post is that it sometimes provides opportunities to earn $25, $50, or even more than $100 (VERY RARE) for a single posting. If you have a blog of your own, I’d encourage you to click on the link above and investigate what this website has to offer. You might find that it can help you achieve your goals, too.
Every penny counts when we’re fundraising, so I fervently hope that you won’t all be turned off by the inclusion of such links and keywords. I’ll try hard not to let it get out of control, but I can’t promise that I won’t include them fairly often. But I will promise that I won’t include links to anything that would be harmful to children or generally offensive. And I won’t be including links to stuff that doesn’t have at least some plausible connection to what we do here at Sheltie Rescue. (Of course, “plausible” is a word subject to lots of interpretation :) !)

I would really appreciate feedback from anybody who thinks that this is a Really Bad Idea. I want this blog to be interesting, informative, useful, poignant, funny, and, well, doggy. Crass commercialism is not attractive to me, either, but reality dictates that we use all reasonable funding sources to continue with our mission.

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