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Dogs Who Come In “Sets”

Today, we took in a pair of new rescue Shelties who were released to us together by their family with the request that we place them together. This isn’t the first time this has happened and we’re sure that it won’t be the last.

Rather a long time ago, we rescued a brother and sister who hadn’t even been named (we named them Riff-Raff and Magenta after characters in one of our favorite movies, The Rocky Horror Picture Show). We tried to place them together, but they were too much of a handful and we ended up placing them to separate families. Later, we rescued Baby and Samantha, who lived together (but were not genetically related). The relinquishing family asked if we could place them together, but it turned out that great homes were found for them individually.

A bit further down the line, we rescued Teddy and Maggie, who were brother and sister, and again we tried to place them together but were unable to do so. A bit more recently, we rescued two puppy mill dogs (reportedly mother and daughter, although we could never figure out which was which), Simone and Ritzy. And, again, we really tried to place them together because of their strong dependence on one another; we placed Ritzy after several months of looking for just the right home, but Simone is still with us at present. Finally, very recently, we rescued another brother/sister pair, Indy and Gracie. In tis case, we consciously decided that they would flourish better apart than together and that’s how it seems to have worked out.

Well, today, Duke and Jasmine were released to us by a family whose living situation had changed in a way that was not good for the dogs; with tears running down their faces, the husband and wife said their goodbyes and left…with the two Shelties looking at them wondering what was going on. Barbara had pre-arranged a foster home for these two new furkids and (right after we microchipped them and trimmed Jazzy’s nails) took them to meet their new foster dad. A couple of hours later, he phoned to say how well they were doing, how much he liked them, and some things that he’d observed about their behavior and personalities. And he was very clear that he would really like to adopt them both and make them a permanent part of his household.

Lucky kids!

On this day..

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