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Happy New Year to Sheltie Rescue

Last night, the Utah Shetland Sheepdog Association (USSA), held its annual holiday party. For a variety of reasons, this year’s party was held after Christmas instead of before it. To take advantage of the fact that four of Sheltie Rescue of Utah’s board members would be at the party, Barbara scheduled a short SRU board meeting to precede the USSA party. That meeting was held at the home of one of the board members, Julene.

Barbara and I hadn’t really planned to go to the USSA party this year, because we are trying desperately to get our basement (that is, the Sheltie Rescue Mall warehouse :) ) organized so we can do a better job of listing products, fulfilling orders, and the like, and we just needed the time to work on that. But Julene and the fourth board member present, Cindy, persuaded us that we should at least drop by the party for a few minutes, so we did.

Well, not only was the food great (although, blush, we didn’t bring a dish ourselves, as we should have done) and the gathering fun, there was a bit of a surprise waiting for us. One of USSA’s more active members, Barbara Soderborg, had arranged a “giving tree” for Sheltie Rescue. The principle of this phenomenon is that somebody (in this case, Barbara [Edelberg]) submits a list of things that are needed, then donors (USSA club members) select what they wish to donate.

Well after we’d all eaten and were sitting around gabbing with one another, the current USSA president, Jim Newman, asked me and Barbara to stand up. He first presented us with a check that was donated to SRU, then told us to go over to the Christmas tree that the club had set up in the room, and start opening presents! To make a possibly lengthy story short, I’ll summarize: Members of USSA had donated canned dog food, kibble, toys, grooming equipment, and cash to help Sheltie Rescue! In addition, one couple had gone over to Cottonwood Animal Hospital and made a payment on our always-overwhelming veterinary bill!

What a generous bunch of people! It was a really great feeling to know that SRU is truly supported by the local Sheltie Clubs and that we have friends standing behind us as we pursue our mission. Talk about a nice way to end the year…

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