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Beautiful Evie Models Her Mom’s Gift


Evie helping Aunt Barbara get in some much needed aerobic workouts!

When Evie first arrived here she would never have played tug with anyone.

When Evie came to us she was so frightened and shy she wouldn’t go outside without me and certainly wouldn’t stay outside if I didn’t stay too. Her previous family said she lived underneath a big bed all the time. They learned to keep a leash on her 24 x 7 in order to be able to get her out to put her outside. They said she hardly ever ate at all. Here, we’ve discovered that Evie has a fine, healthy appetite. Being scared can certainly make you want to run away from your food bowl and hide. Over time we’ve watched Evie become less fearful and more willing to approach new visitors – after a proper period of barking to let them know that they don’t scare her, of course. Evie’s Mom-To-Be, Judi in Idaho, had a successful surgery that was needed before Evie could come and join her. In preparation for Evie moving up to cold, snowy, and blustery northern Idaho, Judi sent Evie a warm, soft, beautiful coat…


You want me to do what!


Mata Hari Who?


Wow! It’s soft, it’s comfortable, it’s beautiful, AND I can hide in it too! (You do know that if you can’t see them they can’t see you either, right?)


Girls, just remember that you need a good man (human man) in your life like my Uncle Jim and Dad Kjell to help you adjust your outfits.


Uncle Jim…do you like me in my new outfit? Daddy Kjell…what do you think of me in my new outfit?


So how much is Gucci offering me to model their Sheltie-girl line?


C’mon, tell me again, how gorgeous am I in my new outfit!


I feel pretty! Oh so pretty and witty and bright…”


My Mommy Judi sent this to me? Wow! What a great Mom! Yippee!!!


So when will I get to go home with my Mommy Judi? I’ve never met her but I miss my Mommy Judi anyway.


Okay, now check me out from the back. Does it make me look fat?


Hey! I’ve got an idea…can I eat my new outfit too?


Okay…I love my new outfit but I won’t eat it…won’t even taste it…but maybe I’ll sniff it. Thank you Uncle Jim for dressing me in my Mommy Judi’s gift. I love it even though I can’t eat it!


How is this for a demure pose? I’m so confident now that I have to “act” demure!


Oh go on…you’re embarrassing me with all those compliments!


Wearing my new outfit is giving me something of an appetite.


But who needs a treat? It’s better to look good than to feel good, right?


Oh all right…if you insist. I want Uncle Jim to be happy so I guess I’ll do him a favor and eat his treat.


Wowie Zowie! I’ve got a beautiful yummy sweater to wear home to Mommy Judi and Daddy Kjell!!!

On this day..

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