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Hiking With Shelties

One thing I really love is hiking in the Wasatch Mountains (or just about anywhere there are mountains). When I have a Sheltie who is reliable, healthy, and fit, I like to take him or her with me. I love taking my Shelties up into the mountains in the winter when there’s plenty of snow in which we can play. Unfortunately, here in the Salt Lake City area, most of the canyons are part of the city’s watershed and animals are prohibited. (Gripe number 865: Actually, it’s only dogs that are prohibited; the law says nothing about deer, mountain lion, coyote, etc.!)

But we can go up onto the various mountains, as long as we use trails that don’t start inside one of the canyons. My favorite is Mount Olympus, which I’ve probably climbed 80 or 100 times over the years. That’s a great place to take a Sheltie hiking, because it’s not horribly steep (averages about 1000 feet of elevation gain per mile) and it tops out at just about 10,000 feet…which means plenty of snow in the winter!

But it also means that it’s cold up there. Good winter gear is a necessity, for me and for my Sheltie. For myself, I’m a big fan of gear made by The North Face. I don’t know what it is, but North Face gear just feels right to me. They’re stuff is well made and their customer service is absolutely amazing.

Today, I stumbled across a web site at Breckenridge, Colorado (where there’s a well-known ski area at which I skied a few times when I lived in Colorado Springs) that carries North Face clothing and other gear. Their prices are pretty reasonable and I like their selection of North Face Jackets, which range from fleece pullovers to expedition-quality down filled, breathable outer layer parkas. Invisible

I haven’t bought anything from their web site, but the site’s attractive and easy to use. If Barbara hadn’t just bought me a superb winter jacket this month, I’d probably try out this place. My biggest disappointment about the site is that they don’t seem to carry any good winter gear for my Shelties! (That’s probably because The North Face doesn’t make any dog clothing. What do they know?)

(NOTE: This posting contains a sponsored link.)

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