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Simone Continues to Improve

I stay up later than Barbara does most nights, because I just don’t like going to sleep at 10:00 or 10:30. Instead, I like to watch another movie or read or something. For the last several weeks, when I’ve not been traveling, I’ve been making a point of keeping Simone downstairs with me when Barbara takes the rest of the pack up into the bedroom.

I go over to Simone’s hiding place (actually, she almost always lies atop a pile of towels, dog beds, etc.) and pick her up, carry her over to the couch where I veg out, and lie down with her on my chest. At first, she was very unhappy about this, her poor little heart about to pound its way out of her chest. But lately, she’s demonstrated much more equanimity about it. She lies on my chest, either with me petting her and whispering sweet nothings in her ear or actually dozing a bit!

After the movie’s over (or whatever), I shut off the lights and pick Simone up again, carrying her up to bed with me. Recently, she’s been holding my forearm with her front legs while I do this. When I get upstairs, I carefully lay her on the bed and slip under the covers next to her; then I cuddle with her a bit more. In the last couple of days, after I quit actually holding her or petting her, she’ll stay next to me for four or five minutes before getting up and moving away. Usually, she hops off the bed, scratches for a while, gets a drink, and goes to the dog bed that she uses and goes to sleep. Last night, however, she stayed on the bed for another 10 minutes or so, actually pressed against my ankle!

Barbara told me this morning that, when she called Simone to come in after going potty, Simone actually started running toward the door: “Oh, Mommy’s calling…yay…time for breakfast…let’s go!”

This little girl is beginning to make some progress at being slightly less frightened of everything.

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