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Chauncey – URGENT: Small Rescue Collie Needs a Foster/Home


Chauncey URGENTLY needs a foster home or permanent home. Please call Barbara at 801-942-4762 if you or someone you know can help. Thanks!

Chauncey was a stray in a rural community in Idaho and landed in a very small shelter. That shelter needed help and turned to a large shelter in Boise. Luckily for Chauncey and us, Joan Smith in Boise, noticed Chauncey and knew that Collie Rescue and Sheltie Rescue in Utah would be willing to pitch in to help him out. Initially we were told that they weren’t sure if they had a large Sheltie or a small Collie. It turned out that Chauncey is a small Collie weighing in at 47 lbs. Chauncey is not at all underweight either – he’s not only handsome but has a wonderfully healthy body — even his teeth look good. Chauncey is estimated to be 3 or 4 years of age.

Joan arranged a ride for Chauncey down to us here in Salt Lake. We heard that on his ride down he would nuzzle the driver and rest his head on her shoulder. He was afraid to get into the vehicle and frightened a bit when lifted into it. He had been in an outdoor run in rainy weather and arrived literally caked in mud. At the last minute we were told that Chauncey _might_ have kennel cough which meant we couldn’t bring him into our home or any home with another dog because kennel cough is so very contagious.


At the last minute, thanks to the great help we get at Cottonwood Animal Hospital, we were able to arrange to have Chauncey go straight into Cottonwood Animal Hospital even though he probably wouldn’t arrive until 9:00pm. We set up an appointment for the next day with Dr. Lisa Pascarello and Chauncey. His personality is so sweet, gentle, and loving that he was a huge hit at Cottonwood. Since he was staying there for several days to be treated for kennel cough, although it wasn’t clear that he definitely had it, they were excited and enthusiastic to have him around awhile.

In the short time between meeting the transporter from Idaho and bringing Chauncey to Cottonwood Animal Hospital we learned that Chauncey was not neutered, has some concerns about being lifted into a vehicle, as we had heard, was heavily caked in mud, and wasn’t house trained and probably wasn’t used to living in a home or a typical household routine.


Chauncey gets his name from the French word “chance” which means luck. We didn’t want to name him Lucky in English — but because he is a lucky Collie we named him Chauncey which is derived from the French word for luck.


Chauncey is not completely house trained yet but he’s close. He’s been living in a home, unfortunately two different homes, plus the vet’s office for a little over two weeks now. Chauncey initially moved in with a very tender-hearted gentleman with a doggie door and a chihuahua mix that Chauncey learned to play with very nicely. He also lived with three cats there. Chauncey is now living with a single Mom who’s baby daughter is just learning to walk. The baby latches onto Chauncey to help herself walk and also lays on Chauncey. Chauncey is gentle and unconcerned by her behavior. When the baby cries Chauncey runs to the baby’s Mom and back to the baby. He must have seen an episode of Lassie! Chauncey’s foster Mom, Megan, frequently tells us how good Chauncey is even though he doesn’t know any verbal commands. We’ve also learned that Chauncey is uncertain and anxious about stairs — just something else he needs to learn with a loving foster parent or permanent parent. He currently goes up and down a short flight of stairs to go in and out of the house. So he can negotiate the stairs but he’s anxious about it and tries to run over the stairs as quickly as he can.

On this day..

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14 comments to Chauncey – URGENT: Small Rescue Collie Needs a Foster/Home

  • jjcookiemonster

    Would you be able to bring him to Reno NV? I’ve been looking for a collie or sheltie since my sheltie passed away after being with me for 17 years. Chauncey would have a 5 acre ranch type home with a fenced in yard, horses & a cat to play with along with my 14 year daughter. We do have a few stairs but easy enough to get used to if you really must potty. Our home is single story with hardwood floors so he would need to learn about the trimming of foot fur, which i learned to do quite good without cutting pads. Our cat wears soft claws so no worries of claws taking out an eye or causing a fight.

    I’d love to hear back from you, Thanks! Jan Cook

  • Jan, I just noticed that nobody acknowledged your comment. Please accept my deep apologies for that. (I’ve been traveling quite a lot in the last couple of weeks and that’s why I overlooked it.)

    Thanks so much for your interest in Chauncey. Your home sounds like it would be great for a dog like him…or any dog. Chauncey, however, has found a home and a job — he’s going to be an official Therapy Dog. He now lives with a woman in the SLC area who works with Intermountain Therapy Animals.

    He’s got the perfect personality for a therapy dog. He’s gentle, sweet, cuddly, loves kids and adults, doesn’t bother cats at all, and has almost 100% overcome his issue with stairs. I am very, very happy that he’s got his new job and home.

    But that doesn’t help you, which I regret.

    Feel free to check out our adoption web site at where you might find a Sheltie that interests you. If you do, please locate our adoption application on that same site and send it to us after you’ve completed it. We’ll be delighted to talk to you about the possibilities.

  • Hey!
    Your blog is cute, love the layout. I have a sheltie of my own, they’re the best!
    I’m new the the whole blogging thing, but would love to get some feedback from someone like you who is established. Mind checking out my blog? I’d totally appreciate it.
    Keep up the good work! Added your feed! :)


  • I’m glad to hear that Chauncey has found a good home and has a great job. He sounds like a Therapy Dog! :) He’s very lucky indeed!

  • I would love to adopt/foster Chauncey is he still available?

  • Kathy, Thanks so much for your interest in Chauncey. I apologize for the 3-week delay in responding to your comment/question, but I’ve been overwhelmed with my day job this month.

    Anyway, Chauncey has been adopted (and, to my regret, they changed his name to “Skye”) and seems very happy in his new forever home.


  • paulette

    its a big decision do adopt a pet, but nice decision

  • that dog looks adorable. he needs all the love he deserves. ;)

  • Nov 8 found out Nell had Advanced lymphoma and enlarge spleed plus x-rays showed a grave condition.
    didn’t get to bring her home. Think about getting another dog but feel it would be a betrayl to Nell. Would I be doing another dog an injustice to get another dog now? Priscilla

  • That is great that Chauncey has a home. it is funny I had a friend in public school named Chauncey and he was a great guy so maybe the name does mean something:)

  • yo, great name for site)))

  • I love collies but my apartment dosen’t allow pets…tut tut

  • We are considering filling out an application for the Border Collie Rescue that is run in my area. I am afraid that they would not even consider us an option, though.

  • BluvsJ

    You have to be the RIGHT people and have the RIGHT home and you’ve got to have lots of jobs (that you can train them to do) for your BC and be ready to do lots of training in order to successfully adopt a Border Collie. I love BC’s but they’re not the right choice for most households. Very high energy. Why do you think they’ll turn you down? – Barbara

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