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New Kids on the Block! 1/9/2008

Here are some new kids that we haven’t had up on Petfinder yet.


KayLee is estimated to be between 8 and 10 years of age. We were told she was a Sheltie before we saw her. The day we saw her I think we just stood there like dummies with our mouths hanging open not knowing what to say. Her Mom was not a well women, KayLee is a senior, she was clearly overweight and at that age that was not a good thing, and there she was — in our home. KayLee is a wonderful girl though. She’s tolerant and plays easily and beautifully with any of the dogs in the house. Even grumpy Sly doesn’t feel like he needs to warn off KayLee like he does almost everyone else. She’s a great companion for blind and deaf Tommy too. If you know someone who can handle a large dog that’s very well behaved and a great companion, KayLee would make a wonderful partner for them.



Ten year old Shelbee was turned over to us by her family who’d had her since she was a puppy. Whatever their reason for turning her over they were clearly unhappy about it. Shelbee arrived overweight especially in her hips. Those overhanging hips have gone away and we’re still working on her diet and nutrition. Shelbee is going to have a dental very soon and also have a small growth on her eyelid removed. Shelbee is a sweetheart of a girl who could use a little more activity in her life. When she first got here it appeared that getting up and going outside to go potty about 8 times a day was more exercise than she wanted. Shelbee is now right up front, ready to go outside, whenever we head out, whether or not she needs to go potty.

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