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Jackson Goes Home But Before He Does He Sneaks Some Bread!

My adorable, sweet, loving Corgi mix or Fluffy, Jackson, is flying from Salt Lake City to San Francisco tomorrow to go to his new home in Palo Alto, CA. He’s very photogenic, at least in my very biased opinion. So here’s 3 photos of him that I think are pretty cute. This is another type of loss but now’s not the time I want to talk about it. – Barbara




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2 comments to Jackson Goes Home But Before He Does He Sneaks Some Bread!

  • ML

    I’m glad Jackson has a new forever home. I do know that you are quite attached to him, so this will be hard on you.

    He’s got to have the cutest personality along with his handsome looks.

  • jacksonfan

    Oh, Barbara, he’s adorable! And I know those looks so well now. He’s a great counter cruiser! Luckily, he’s so much easier than the royal poodle we had for a time who could reach to the back of the counters, that we’ve been able to avoid his stealing anything. He did take one of my slippers this morning as I was getting ready in the bathroom, but he just took it in his mouth and looked up at Tim and me to see if we’d notice. He gave it up right away. Not a bad boy at all . . .

    Thanks so much for all the love, family time, and training you gave him. He came from the streets, and over 5 mos. you were able to show him what love and good manners are. He’s just as you said, a quick learner and a gentle, loving boy. I’m so glad I met you and Utah Sheltie Rescue through googling “corgi mix”! Jackson has met several neighbors who already love him, and lots of others on our walks downtown- both dogs and people. We are a very happy family.

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