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Jackson & His New Mom & Sweet Cat Wylie

Jackson flew to California to meet his new Mom and Dad, Carolyn and Tim. Here he is just arriving in his crate waiting for Carolyn and Tim to find him. It didn’t take long.



Jackson is in the back seat with Mom Carolyn while Tim takes his photo from the front seat.



It felt like all the joy had drained from my life when I saw these photos.

The day that Jackson got on the plane, Friday, I was going non-stop. I had to run home from the airport, grab Polly, and run to to the vet’s office with her. Her eating has changed…she’s become picky about her food and doesn’t always finish her bowl. This is a big change from her usual eating habits. We x-rayed, EKG’d, took blood and, of course, found nothing. Now I just enhance her bowl of food with flavorful things, special dog foods or whatever it takes to get her to eat a normal sized meal. After the vet, Polly and I went to the bank, to the pharmacy, to the food store, and finally home. At home there were phone calls to answer and older ones to respond to. Then it was dinner time for all 10 dogs here.

After dinner and going potty we had to get a Collie, Chauncey, and bring him to our home until a proper home or foster home can be found. By the time we got Chauncey here I was wiped out. We dropped down onto the couches in the family room surrounded by the dogs and watched a Swedish foreign movie that had gotten good reviews. Bedtime was very welcome.

Saturday I saw these great photos of that beautiful Jackson-boy and I couldn’t believe I had let him go. He brought so many smiles and gave so much love with so much enthusiasm. I wanted to go back to bed, hide under the covers, get a gallon of Ben and Jerry’s, withdraw from the world, you get the drift. Why doesn’t that phone stop ringing? Instead, it rang at 8:30am – someone wanting to know what our shelter’s hours are – so I explained, we don’t keep hours. Actually, we’re pretty much 24×7.

Saturday evening I talked with Carolyn and Tim and heard what a great day they all had and how Jackson had played with friends’ dogs so nicely. I heard the most wonderful story of how Carolyn layed on the floor in front of his crate and lullabye’d Jackson to sleep that first night when he was uncertain and cried a little. This is what I wanted for Jackson – a loving home where he’d be the center of all the canine attention. As much as I love him I couldn’t give him the time and attention that he’ll get here. There’s no doubt that we’ve found him a most wonderful home. – Barbara

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2 comments to Jackson & His New Mom & Sweet Cat Wylie

  • jacksonfan

    Hi Barbara,
    Jackson has been doing beautifully. He is such a gentle, loving soul. He and Wylie are great together, but we’ll need to work with our other cat, Squeak. She’s always been a wild child/fraidy cat, so she’s made it very difficult for Jackson to be calm around her. We’ll work it out. Anyone out there have suggestions?

    My heart broke when I read this entry. It was a wonderfully generous thing to take Jackson into your family, treat him so well, train him, grow so attached, and then give him to someone else. Again, many, many thanks for your kind heart and generosity.

  • Last week (Wednesday evening), I had the great pleasure of visiting Jackson in his new home. It was clear that Carolyn and Tim are perfect parents for Jackson, and equally clear that Jackson thinks so, too.

    Jackson was obviously happy living there. He was happy to see me, but he had no confusion about whether I was going to take him anywhere. He knows where his home is now.

    Carolyn and Tim are great people, very much the kind of adoptive home that we seek for our rescued Shelties. They’re also the kind of people I’m proud to call my friends after meeting them. I figured that I’d stay at their place for a half-hour or so, then politely excuse myself. I ended up staying a couple of hours and left only because I had a meeting early the next morning.

    Barbara still misses Jackson, and probably always will to some degree. But she’s comforted knowing that that little guy is going to be taken care of exactly as she’d wish for the rest of her live.

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