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Digital Photos of Rescue Shelties

Just about everybody I know has a digital camera by now, and even a casual search on the Web reveals literally millions of pictures people have taken of their dogs and posted. I love to look at them, even though I tend not to post pictures of my own dogs (or anything from my personal life) in highly public places. But, as somebody heavily involved in a rescue organization, posting photos of Shelties needing homes is a vital part of what we do.

I’ve always been a Canon fan – some people are Nikon fans, some are Olympus fans, etc., but I’ve always tended toward Canon for still photography. Barbara and I own several Canon cameras, including a digital on, which we use constantly to take photos of the dogs for posting on SRU’s adoption web site and on this blog. About a year ago, I was looking for a really small digital camera that I could slip into a shirt pocket or a pants pocket and just have with me wherever I went.

Man, I wish that the canon sd 1000 was available when I was looking. This is truly an interesting, feature-laden camera that’s available at a pretty good price. In fact, shows that the camera is available for about $190 plus or minus $20! Now, no camera’s perfect, and I can find things about this camera that I’d prefer to be different. But the combination of features, Canon quality, size, and price is really attractive. (Heck, we might buy it so Barbara can have a really small camera to carry around with her!)

So, if you’re in the market for a really good, small, friendly digital camera, I honestly think (even if this were not a sponsored entry) that the Canon SD 1000 would be worth seriously investigating.

(This is a sponsored post, but I want to reassure my readers that I really do like this product!)

[[REVISION: I have removed the links that were formerly in this post because the company has decided to cease advertising the product itself. Whether or not the product is still available, I don't know.]]

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1 comment to Digital Photos of Rescue Shelties

  • The SD1000 is armed with Canon’s latest FD technology that not only remembers multiple faces and ably serves ensure accurate focus and exposure of subjects.
    That’s not to state that the SD1000 is free from picture noise or that its Auto and Hi ISO settings can’t go beyond acceptable limits.

    You won’t be capable to shoot particularly large vistas with this focal range unless you use the camera’s stitch-assist to put together a panorama,
    nor will you be able to take distant scenes or topics with the SD1000′s telephoto reach of only 105mm (35mm-equivalent).

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