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When it rains…

Well, we’re officially overwhelmed again. Last night, two older puppy-mill girls joined our program. These girls were rescued (along with something like 115 other dogs?) from a puppy mill in Missouri a couple of weeks ago. A number of groups around the country volunteered to take in some of the dogs. One of the wonderful animal welfare groups here in the Salt Lake City area, the Yuppy Puppy, accepted a small number of these dogs, two of whom turned out to be Shelties. They, in turn, asked if Sheltie Rescue of Utah could take them into our program.

Some of our readers won’t be surprised to hear just how horrible things are in such situations, but some of you might not have a vivid awareness. These two Shelties, smallish but – ummmm – not really great examples of the breed, were used to breed litter after litter for sale to pet shops around the country. As soon as they were used up, the “breeder” was going to just have them killed. These dogs were rescued by a group of people who were attending a “puppy mill auction”, in which breeders apparently try to sell whatever puppies and used-up dogs and bitches they can, and they discovered that some large number of dogs “weren’t even worth auctioning” and were just going to be put down. These two girls (who don’t even have names!) were among the latter.

They arrived here last night scared and confused. They were absolutely filthy (no surprise), but happily were not real freak shows – you know the kind…hide from everything, bites when approached, terrified of their shadows. It turns out that they are mother (sable and white) and daughter (tri-color). They went to the vet today, of course, and their blood work looks OK. The sable girl had all but a couple of her teeth removed – our vet said that this little girl was “a dental emergency” because her entire face was swollen up and distorted with the infections in her teeth!

You’d think that, by now, I’d be used to the inhuman treatment given to “man’s best friend”, but I’m not. It depresses the heck out of me, and truly disgusts me. It’s the kind of things that might tempt one to track such people down and take a 2×4 board filled with rusty nails to them.

And, of course, they’re only the beginning of a stream of dogs awaiting intake into the program. Barbara knows the details and I have a hard time keeping up, but I think I remember this: A small collie is likely to come in later this week(end?), and maybe another Sheltie? Oh, heck, if I’m wrong about it today, I’m sure it’ll be about right next week or the week after.

On this day..

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